King Chatman Cherry
Memorial Scholarship Fund

Post Office Box 432
Thomaston, GA 30286

King Chatman Cherry Memorial Scholarship Fund, Inc.


GraduateThe King Chatman Cherry Memorial Scholarship Fund, Inc. (Scholarship Fund) was founded to honor and remember the patriarch and matriarch of the King Family, William and Joanna King, who were slaves in Upson County, Georgia and their ten children. The purpose of this Scholarship Fund program is to recognize outstanding students who have excellent potential for improving their lives and the lives of people in Upson County, Georgia. The Scholarship Fund aims to lay a path for hope for young adults with financial needs by providing academic scholarships to a university, college, or training college of their choice. The Scholarship Fund provides annual scholarships to applicants wishing to pursue educational excellence in any area they so desire.

We understand the challenges and struggles that one will be confronted with and let the words of a former slave, Joanna Flewellen King, “YOU ALL WILL HAVE IT BETTER THAN ME,” be an inspiration to all students.

Mission Statement

The King Chatman Cherry Memorial Scholarship Fund, Inc. is devoted to a higher purpose to assist individuals in financial need through a scholarship program for residents of Upson County Georgia and elsewhere who are continuing their education. Our goal is to help deserving individuals in the King Chatman Cherry Families within our community achieve their educational and career goals. Moreover, the added objective will have the benefit of bettering the community at large. In short, our goal is to insure that no deserving family member will be deprived of higher education because of a shortage of funds.